With a good working knowledge of your audience, and the message you want to carry, we can build your story in the most appropriate medium, be it a book, video or audio recording.

Here are the services I provide:

  • Project Management – In many cases you will want to conduct the work yourself, but you just need someone to coordinate with self-publishing services, CD production, professional videographers and more.
  • Message Crafting – Know exactly what you want to say, but just looking for the right words and format? I can coach you or help you to edit and reshape your message for the greatest impact with your audience.
  • Interviews – Many story projects begin with in-person interviews to capture a distinctive voice or an oral history.
  • Transcriptions – In partnership with a final product, a transcription of an interview or speech can provide a more lasting and versatile historical record.
  •  Writing & Editing – I can craft original text for your project or just help your words reach their full potential.
  • Audio Recording & Editing – Sometimes there is just no substitute for the sound of a human voice. Capture that voice with the clarity of quality audio and concise editing.
  • Video Production & Editing – Video is a dynamic medium with myriad uses online, in presentations, or in the home. Whether you already have raw footage that just needs to be be edited into a compelling product, or whether you are ready to start a video project from scratch, I have the resources to help.
  • Intuitive Web Presence – For telling your story online, or building a family web page, I can help you get started with a variety of intuitive blog and social media platforms.
  • Digital Photo Restoration – Photographs are treasured artifacts of history, but as they age even viewing them may risk degradation. The solution can be to create digital copies with fully restored quality to print or share while the originals are kept safe.
  • Graphic Design & Layout – The look and feel of your product is what will ultimately make it approachable, professional, and finished. I can create the images and form that will best fit this final product from books to DVD graphics to CD packaging and more.


Workshops & Training

One on one coaching sessions are a great way to get professional feedback and advice before an important presentation, performance, speech, or video shoot. I also provide a variety of workshops to expand narrative tools for your organization or event attendees. Workshops can be designed and customized to achieve your unique objectives.

Here are a few examples of my previous workshops:

Self Care and Adapting to Challenges of InterviewingStoryCorps, Brooklyn, NY; Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change, New York, NY; Columbia Oral History MA Alumni, New York, NY; Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
The art of the interview is integral to many disciplines and crafts. During that collaborative exchange, sometimes the interviewer and interviewee will be exposed to the challenges of harrowing memories, uncertain legal situations, or even physical risks.
This workshop explores how the legal and ethical practices of the oral history field have adapted to such challenges, and contributed to ongoing development of interview methodologies. Participants gain practical tools to adapt and build resilience into their work.

Reaching your AudienceNorthwest Health Foundation, Portland OR; Oregon School-Based Healthcare Network, Portland OR
The narrative form provides a powerful tool for communicating your message and furthering your mission. A story has the ability to appeal directly to the humanity of individuals, forming a strong connection.
Participants of this workshop receive guided creation of their stories, peer feedback, and sample narrative structures to aid in crafting their message further.

The Gift of Story ListeningDougy Center, Portland OR; Willamette Falls Hospice, Oregon City OR
We all want to tell our stories, to be heard and understood by the people around us. Good listeners, however, can be hard to find. Being present to hear personal stories of loss and recovery is a compassionate gift to the storyteller.
This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to practice self awareness by engaging with their own stories, and to gain confidence in communicating non-verbally with someone, so that emotional support and guidance can be continuously provided without need for words.

Stories to Pass ForwardWest Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Portland OR; Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle WA
Every story carries a message and a lesson. These lessons are sown into the words and events of the narrative such that we may never fully acknowledge the seed of meaning planted in us as we listen. When the time comes to share our favorite stories with others, will we pass on a lesson we believe in, or blindly repeat what we were told?
This workshop guides participants in calling out the messages of commonly told tales, and examining the use of such messages in their lives. These tales can then be altered, revived, and given new meaning so that they may be passed forward with intention.