Digital Photo Restoration

Viewing and sharing pictures keeps the memories they represent present in our lives. Creating digitally restored copies of aging photographs allows you to keep originals safe from wear and tear without losing your access to the image. Before archiving your pictures safely away in acid-free boxes or quality frames, make copies for new prints, photo albums, or online sharing.


The First Step:

Envisioning the Project – Contact me to tell me about your photographs. I’ll look over any snapshots or scans you’re able to send me and tell you what I can do for a quote that fits your budget. Once we’re ready, I’ll write up an agreement which takes into account  your needs and deadlines as well as payment information. Then we’ll get started.

Scanning – You can ship me your original images to scan for you, or depending on your location, I can come pick them up. In the event that your images are very old or fragile, I would not recommend shipping them. In such cases I will help you find a local professional scanner where you can take them.



There are a few different levels of digital restoration work. Final restoration prices will depend on the size of your image and the extent of the changes you would like.

Minor – mild dust and scratches, contrast adjustment


Moderate – creases and stray lines, finger prints or mold spots, color correction


Major – extreme cases of any of the above due to sun bleaching or water damage, areas of lost information due to abrasions rips or other



Techniques such as the following examples often require a wider scope of time and troubleshooting than standard restorations. Tell me about your vision for the image, and I’ll provide you with an individualized quote.

colorizing, airbrushing, changing backgrounds, adding or removing objects or individuals, composites


Upon Completion:

I will provide you with all digital files, both the originals and the restored versions. Depending on your preferences I can give them to you on a disc, or via online file sharing such as Dropbox.

If you wish to take the next steps we can make prints of your restored images, or collect them together into a photo book. I will coordinate with printers, assist you with layout and formatting, and more.