About me


I grew up in New England, lived for years in the North West, and moved to New York City in 2014. In 2015 I received my MA in Oral History from Columbia University. I conducted my masters thesis work with the NYPD Guardians Association, a fraternal organization for black police. I conducted life history interviews with retired members of the Guardians, with a focus on their work as police and their advocacy against racial prejudice. My BA from Oberlin College in 2009 was in Narrative Arts. There, I completed an individually designed major, which examined narrative theory, folklore, and in-depth tools for communicating narrative in visual arts and storytelling performance.

My first city on the west coast was Portland, OR, where I began working with personal historians, musicians, videographers, and several non-profits including Social Venture Partners Portland and Northwest Health Foundation. I also served as Secretary of the Board for the Portland Storytellers’ Guild.

In 2012 I moved north to Seattle, WA, where I continued to aid clients in telling and documenting their most important stories, from family memories to organizational histories. I worked with organizations across the country such as the Washington Department of Commerce, the Steward Observatory at University of Arizona, and the New England Historic Genealogical Society. While in Seattle I was also a producer for the local storytelling show A Guide to Visitors.

Now, living in New York City, I continue to work on a variety of projects with individuals and organizations, such as the Columbia Center for Oral History Research, Brooklyn Historical Society, and the New York Preservation Archive Project.

I would be pleased to apply my skills and resources to work with you as you share stories of your own.


Professional Memberships

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